The Difference Between Floating Shelves And Corner Shelves

The industry for interior design is one of the fastest industries to catch up with the latest trend. One living proof is how it has innovated a simple drawer or shelf into a highly fashionable storage item. If before, the hardware for shelves is very visible, now it is already mounted, making the room less cluttered and organized.

The Benefits of Using Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are mounted shelves that is used to store, display and hold several items like frames, photo albums, books, CDs, television, etc. one of the key benefits of using this is that is able to create an illusion of a larger space especially when used with the right pieces and right color to match the area’s design and size.

It also provides an appropriate surface for every room like the living room, dining room, bedroom and even the bathroom.  Apart from the main function, a floating drawer, like the ones found in Floating Shelf Depot is that it is stylish, sleek and sophisticated.

Is the Floating Shelf and Corner Shelf Alike?

Although the two are mounted using screws, brackets, and anchors, the two shelves have its difference which can be distinguished just by looking at it. Basically, a floating shelf is placed in the middle part of the wall. It is usually large or rectangular.

On the other hand, a corner shelf, from the name itself, is placed on the corner side of the wall. Usually, it is smaller and the shape is either cue-like or square. However, it can still hold several items like candles, books, and frames and also, it is a good place to store and display you home’s valuables.

Although these two looks different, the function is the same. Therefore, these two shelves are worth considering when you want a shelf to store your things in a stylish and attractive way. The Floating Shelf Depot is the perfect place to look for the finest, trendy and stylish shelves to use in your home.

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